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WATCH: Vince Carter Drops 24 Points vs Cavs

At 40-years-old Vince Carter is the oldest player in the NBA, but he’s still going strong. Every now and then you’ll see VC live up to his moniker “Half-Man, Half-Amazing” as he casually throws down dunks he was doing over 15 years ago. On Wednesday the OG turned in a vintage performance to lead the Kings to a win over LeBron James’ Cavs, going off for 24 points, 5 rebounds and 3 assists. The fans in Sacramento were going crazy as the veteran checked out of the game. Though it hasn’t been documented too much, Carter has taken incredible care of his body ever since his days in Phoenix. There is a reason he is moving so well at age 40, with this much mileage on his legs. Check out the highlights above.

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