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WATCH: Paul George Hints At Staying In OKC Long-Term

Thunder forward Paul George finds himself in an awkward situation this year as he came to the team with strong rumors and reliable reports that he is going to sign with the Lakers when he becomes a free agent in 2018. However his trade to the Thunder made them an instant heavyweight in the West and last weeks edition of Carmelo Anthony made them a Championship contender. Franchise cornerstone Russell Westbrook just signed a monstrous $205 million extension with OKC, ensuring he will be with the Thunder for the next five years and what many believe his whole career. This Westbrook signing brings us back to PG, who would probably become a villain and in some cases be looked at as selfish if he were to leave such a star-studded team, especially if they had success this year.

George gave Thunder fans some hope as he replied “easier to make” when asked about how the extension Russ signed would affect his free agency decision next summer.

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