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WATCH: Dwight Howard Drops 29 Points, 13 Rebounds, 7 Assists on Warriors

One of the most frustrating things to witness over the past few years for us has been the dismissal of Dwight Howard’s elite status among NBA big men. After a tough run in Los Angeles, in which he played through serious injuries for the Lakers, Dwight Howard has been a victim of some serious unfair criticism and bashing. This offseason we linked up with the big man to begin shooting a dope episode series showing the real version of him and not the made up one you’ve been told so many times over the past few years. We also saw how hard the future Hall of Famer was working this summer in preparation for a big season with his new squad in Charlotte. After finally getting an offseason to work on his game rather than rehab from injuries, Dwight has been on the tear that he told us he’d be on this season. Last night he put up 29 points, 13 rebounds and 7 assists to lead the Hornets over the defending champion Warriors, catching the attention of everyone. However, this whole season Dwight’s been having the monster games he was accustomed to in Orlando. Check out his best performances so far this season.

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