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Chris Webber Goes on Furious Rant After Controversial Game 2 Finish

Game 2 between the Thunder and Spurs on Monday ended wildly. As the Thunder attempted to inbound the ball on the final possession of the game, the Spurs clamped up defensively nearly causing a five second violation, but Dion Waiters appeared to push Manu Ginobili out of his way to get a pass off.

Though the Spurs came up with a steal, they didn’t end up converting the fast break and the Thunder hung on for the win. Players, fans and coaches in San Antonio were not happy at all, but nobody seemed to be more furious than TNT commentator Chris Webber who believed the Thunder should’ve been called for an offensive foul right when Waiters pushed Manu off to get an open look.

Webber was so upset on national TV that it got kind of awkward.

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