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Warriors Dominate Spurs, Steph Curry Scores 37

In the biggest matchup of the season, the Warriors defeated the Spurs 120-90, sending the whole NBA a message. The Warriors, led by Steph Curry’s 37 points (in 28 minutes), literally toyed with the Spurs in this one.

Coming into this game the 2014 NBA Champions were considered the biggest threat to knock off the Dubs in the West, but they reportedly had Gregg Popovich going off on his team in the locker room after the game.

This dominant victory comes just a week after they defeated they made the Cavs, their other top threat, look silly on national TV.

This team is so unique, they don’t appear to have that cocky, killer mentality coming into games, but they defeat the top teams in more exciting/dominant fashion than the non-playoff teams.

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