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Vince Carter Is Pushing For Nike To Bring Back His Signature Shox Sneaker

Nike Shox made their return this week with the new ‘Shox Gravity’ and it had sneakerheads all over the world excited. It also got Kings guard and NBA legend Vince Carter hoping that they bring back his signature Nike Shox sneaker to the court. The VC’s were one of the most popular sneakers of the 2000’s. Carter’s popularity was at an all-time high as he was one of the main faces of the league and his Vinsanity persona was one of the coolest movements in pro sports. The future Hall of Famers best years came in the Nike Shox and now he’s lobbying for the Swoosh to bring back his iconic sneaker. Via Sole Collector:

When asked about the possibility of a retro, Carter told Sole Collector that it’s something he’s hoping for. “I’ve asked for a couple years, and to no avail,” he said.

Carter isn’t the only one who would like to see his line return either. “The first day I saw this guy here [points to George Hill], that’s the first thing he asked for. There’s guys who are itchin’ to get that shoe back,” he explained. “All the young guys ask me about it and if I can get it for them.”

There may be nothing in the works for a retro line as of yet, but Carter sees the return of the technology he spent years playing in as a positive and hopes to wear his shoes on the court again one day. “I’d be cool if it comes back out and I’m still playin’—I’d be ecstatic,” the 40-year-old laughed. “They said they’d look into it; it would be great. This is a great start just to see that Shox shoe out there.”

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