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VIDEOS: Dwight Howard Debuts With Rockets, Derrick Rose Returns

Dwight Howard Derrick Rose Return

Though it is just day one of the pre season and it isn’t the REAL thing yet there were still some very important stories taking place around the league. Tonight was Dwight Howards debut with the Houston Rockets and the much anticipated return of Derrick Rose.

It was great seeing D.Rose back even if you are not a Bulls fan you have got to feel happy for the guy, he scored 13 points and 20 minutes and was obviously rusty after not playing in an NBA game for a year and a half but he looked more athletic than ever out there! Rose put on 10 lbs of muscle this off season and you can certainly see it on top of that he was just as fast and explosive if not more than when he left, Rose has put in major work on his body and it showed in his movements. He looks ready for the season opener against the Miami Heat.

After getting much heat these past two seasons for the decisions he made and the things he said Howard made his debut with the Houston Rockets. After saying he feels like the biggest villain in the NBA this past week and that he is ready to prove people wrong through his play Howard came out strong in his debut as a Rocket! He had 19 points and 9 rebounds in just 27:00 minutes of play. After going at with Greg Steisma Howard got ejected in the 3rd quarter. Howard is on a mission to prove people wrong.

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