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VIDEO: Tracy McGrady Announces Retirement From NBA


Just last week Allen Iverson one of the biggest stars in NBA history and a face during the early 2000’s in the NBA retired, and now another superstar from that era is also retiring. Tracy McGrady the 2 x NBA Scoring Champion and 7 x NBA All-Star announced his retirement today on ESPN’s First Take. McGrady was brought in last season by Spurs as basically a injury back up and barely played, this bothered McGrady.

It seemed like he had some left in the tank and he also believes he does but he can’t waste years being unhappy playing the game he loves. Check out the video below where T-Mac explains his decision, its sad to see him go out like this because at his peak he was one of the most unstoppable players of all-time. McGrady is still open to playing in China.

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