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VIDEO: Kevin Durant Drops 63 Points vs Jamal Crawford at Seattle Pro-Am

Before Kevin Durant turned the OKC Thunder into one of the NBA’s powerhouse teams, before he took them to the NBA Finals in 2012 before OKC was even a team before everything they were the Seattle Sonics. Kevin Durant was the No.2 overall pick in the 2007 NBA Draft and was Rookie Of The Year in Seattle. It must hurt to be a Seattle Sonics fan watching OKC become one of the NBA’s best teams, that was their team and Kevin Durant was their player.

Fast forward 5 years and Kevin Durant walks into a packed gym at the Jamal Craword Pro Am in Seattle, it must be so bittersweet for the fans who packed the gym, watching  do his thing on the court like nobody else can and remembering that he was supposed to be their superstar.

The city that drafted him gave him a standing ovation, Kevin Durant Dropped 63 Points and Jamal Crawford also put on a show. Check the highlights below:

(video via: ballislife)

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