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Tyronn Lue Tells Crazy Story About Kobe Bryant’s Competitiveness

Tonight, Kobe Bryant will play against LeBron James in Cleveland for the final time in his career. Bryant will also be lacing up against former teammate Tyronn Lue who is now the head coach of the Cavs.

One of the most pesty defenders of his time, Lue had a reputation for getting under the opposing players skin. He recently shared a story to give us more insight as to how competitive the Mamba actually was.

This story takes place during a Lakers practice in the early 2000’s, when Bryant was a cold-blooded killer who wanted to prove to everyone that he is the absolute best in the world. Lue blocked Kobe’s dunk in a practice and it didn’t sit too well with him. Bryant who was in his early 20’s at the time wanted to fight Lue and play him 1-on-1 to prove a point.

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