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Top 5 Free Agency Destinations for Kevin Durant

5. Oklahoma City Thunder

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The ironic thing about all this is that it doesn’t really get much better than it already is for Durant. His Thunder were a game away, three times, from going to the NBA Finals this past season. This OKC squad is probably the best in franchise history, they got a great young coach and Westbrook + Durant is easily the best duo in the league today. If Kevin Durant decides to stay in Oklahoma City, it’ll be a safe, low-risk, high-reward move.

Kevin Durant is set to headline the 2016 NBA Free Agency, which is the biggest since LeBron James infamous “Decision” free agency back in 2010.

All eyes will be on the four-time scoring champion beginning on July 1, because everyone knows he’s a once in a generation talent that has the ability to change the complexion of the NBA for the next decade based on where he chooses to play.

With seven all-star selections, four scoring titles, a league MVP and a $300 million Nike deal under his belt, Durant has achieved everything an individual can in the NBA. At this point in his career, the only thing KD has left to accomplish is winning an NBA Championship.

However, as displayed in this year’s Western Conference Finals matchup against the Warriors, that’s much easier, said than done. Durant needs a change, and if an opportunity to grow his brand even more, while starting a new chapter with a contender is on the table, there is a good chance that he could take it.

We counted down the five best free agency destinations for KD based on what he needs at this point his career.

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