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Top 5 Free Agency Destinations For Carmelo Anthony

It is official, the New York Knicks and one of the biggest stars in the game, Carmelo Anthony will miss the 2013-14 NBA playoffs. It has been a nightmare season for the Knicks, they won 54 games last year and made it to the Eastern Conference Semi-Finals against the Indiana Pacers, they were definitely considered one of the elite teams in the Eastern Conference coming into this season, instead they turned out to be the biggest disappointment of the season.

Carmelo Anthony’s days in New York could be done. There is nobody in the Knicks organization or locker room more devastated by this season than Carmelo Anthony. He is one of the best players in the NBA, he is one of the biggest names in the NBA and he is a bonafide superstar, but his time to win an NBA Championship is running out and he knows it.  He becomes a free-agent in July and he has many options.

The 29 year-old has been frustrated all season, there has been talk all year that he is going to be leaving the Knicks in free-agency. Melo is not on the same page with his head coach Mike Woodson, he doesn’t have the right team around him to win a title, and he is definitely not happy with this season. His legacy has taken a big hit.

It has been three years since Anthony joined the Knicks, obviously there were very high expectations for him, he was supposed to be the superstar that finally brought an NBA Championship to the city of New York, instead the Knicks only got out of the first round one time since Anthony arrived. In three seasons with Anthony the Knicks have won just seven playoff games.

Eleven years ago Carmelo Anthony was drafted no.3 overall by the Denver Nuggets in the star-studded 2003 NBA Draft, he was considered the second best player from that draft behind LeBron James. Fast forward ten years and Melo is pretty much the fourth most accomplished player from that draft, which is still great, however, this is not how we thought things would be for him and neither did he. He is a 7 x All-Star and won a scoring title last season but his expectations were much higher, Melo and LeBron were supposed to be what Kevin Durant and LeBron are now. Dwyane Wade is now the second best player from that 2003 draft, he is considered by many the third greatest shooting guard of all-time behind Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant, he has won three NBA Championships. Chris Bosh is a 9-time NBA All-Star and sacrificed his individual stats and became a two-time NBA Champion. Melo has only been out of the second round one-time in his career.

The reality is, Carmelo Anthony’s window to win an NBA Championship and cement himself as a future Hall Of Famer is closing. Though he hasn’t proven himself as a winner yet, his value is still very high. On some nights he is the best scorer in the game, he is a superstar, a big-time name that will sell jerseys and sell tickets, he is one of the few must-watch players in the NBA, he is a perennial All-Star and considered by many a top 5-10 player in the NBA. Players around the league know that Anthony brings it every night, they respect him and his game, and they want to play with him. It was reported this season that if Anthony leaves the Knicks, the list of teams he wants to play for is very small.  It was also reported that Anthony is being recruited by the Chicago Bulls. The Clippers and Lakers are also on Anthony’s list and the Houston Rockets will go after him hard in free-agency.

The 2014-15 NBA season could be the most important season of Anthony’s career, his legacy as a basketball player will be shaped tremendously by his performance and most importantly his team’s success next season. He needs to pick the right situation for him and his legacy now, this is it for him. His number one goal is to win an NBA Championship and it won’t happened with this Knicks roster, Anthony needs to find the right fit and he needs to get it done.

We count down the top 5 free agency destinations for Carmelo Anthony this off-season. There is a very very high chance that Anthony will be in one of these teams uniforms next season, the goal is to put Anthony in the best situation, somewhere he would be happy and his wife would be happy, Anthony needs to go some where he would fit in, he needs to be able to mesh with the stars around him and his team also needs to fit in with him. His number one goal is to have a legitimate shot at winning an NBA Championship.

1. Chicago Bulls

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The Chicago Bulls are the best destination for Carmelo Anthony this off-season. The market, the team, the history, the coach, the whole situation is just for perfect for Melo. Derrick Rose has been out for two years, he is coming back hungry and who knows if hell ever be the same again, if Carmelo joins the Bulls, it takes a lot of pressure off of Rose and it gives Melo the young superstar he never had. Anthony is already being recruited by Joakim Noah, one of the best big men in the game, Tom Thibodeau is one of the best coaches in the league and could bring out the best in Anthony. The Bulls haven't won a title since Anthony's idol Michael Jordan retired, they would instantly be the biggest threat to defeat the Miami Heat in the East. Anthony's legacy as one of the games greatest ever would be intact if he were to bring a championship back to Chicago. A duo of Anthony and Rose would be one of the most must-watch teams in the league, they would be a nightmare for the opposition, combine that with the Bulls supporting cast and Tom Thibodeau's tough style, this team would be SCARY. Chicago has an amazing fan base and the city itself is one of the biggest markets in North America, but most importantly basketball-wise this is truly the best place to be for Anthony.


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