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Tim Duncan Announces Retirement From The NBA

After 19 seasons of excellence in the NBA, Tim Duncan has announced his retirement.

With a book of milestones, 15 NBA All-Star selections, 5 NBA Championships, 2 NBA MVP’s and 3 Finals MVP awards under his belt, Duncan has nothing left to prove.

The greatest power forward of all-time, Duncan is only the second player in league history to have scored 26,000 points, grabbed 15,000 rebounds and blocked 3000 shots.

The Spurs basically announced his retirement for him, and there wasn’t a single quote from Duncan in the entire press release. Really, there is no better way for Duncan to go out. Via

San Antonio Spurs forward Tim Duncan today announced that he will retire after 19 seasons with the organization. Since drafting Duncan, the Spurs won five championships and posted a 1,072-438 regular season record, giving the team a .710 winning percentage, which is the best 19-year stretch in NBA history and was the best in all of the NBA, NFL, NHL and MLB over the last 19 years.

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