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Use These 5 Training Methods To Become a Lights Out Shooter

Once you’ve found a form that you are comfortable with and works for you, it’s time to rep it out. Step one is always mechanics and form, but after that it’s all about how many shots you are MAKING each day. The best shooters in the world also happen to be the players that take the most shots in the offseason.

There aren’t any “tricks” or special equipment that will make you shoot the ball better, it’s simple, find a good form that works and shoot till your arms fall off.

There are however some overlooked methods that will help take your shot making ability to another level.

Once you’ve mastered your form and are starting to hit your shots consistently, then you can adapt some of these five methods below to become a lights out shooter/scorer.

There’s something about shooting in these conditions that will elevate your shooting ability and overall feel for the game like nothing else can. The best part about these methods is that anyone can do them at anytime. A lot of these tools are so overlooked because of the state of the game at the grassroots level today.

Remember, these methods will be much more effective if you are shooting with a good form. There is no point in jumping to these methods if your form is broken!

5. Shooting After a Conditioning Session (Tired)

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Try making shots after a long run or after doing sets of stairs or hills, you’ll realize quick that isn’t as easy as shooting when you are fresh. The truth is, once you’ve developed a good form and have put up enough reps under normal conditions, it becomes easy to make shots when your not tired. The best way to challenge yourself in a shooting workout is to get yourself tired first. This doesn’t mean pound your muscles and come to a workout or shoot around feeling like jellow, it means you have to get your heart going and your entire body tired. This tired stage is when muscle memory is sharpened. You have to dig deep and find the energy to get a shoot off, but also lock yourself in mentally and really focus on shooting the ball with your proper mechanics.

Imagine how much your shot would improve if you combined all five of these methods.

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