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These Five Players Highlights Will Always Make You Want to Hoop

Below is countdown of five of the most unique and exciting basketball players of all-time. These guys had a special talent and ability to electrify crowds. Their games will be remembered forever, and players will always try to model their games after them.

If your ever bored or need some extra motivation to play basketball, be sure to come back to this post. If you watch these guys highlights, you’ll always to pick up a ball and work on your game or call up some friends and setup a game.

5. Larry Bird

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Larry Bird is one of the most skilled players of all-time. He became one of the greatest to ever do it off a wet jumper, grit, heart and fundamentals. Bird's game was so unique. He couldn't jump high, he wasn't very fast and he wasn't strong either, yet he was the most unstoppable force in the league at one point. His highlights will make you want to shoot hoops all day.

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