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The New Look Pistons Could Do Something Special For The City Of Detroit!

The city of Detroit has gone through a lot these past few years, hit hard with the recession the motor city has gone bankrupt and times are very tough in Detroit.

B jennings

The city of Detroit has gone through a lot these past few years, hit hard with the recession the motor city has gone bankrupt and times are very tough in Detroit. The Pistons haven’t been any help these past few years either.

The Detroit Pistons organization once a powerhouse in the NBA has been in the dumps these past 4 years. They’ve missed the playoffs every year, it seems as if they have had a new coach every year and their fan base has vanished. They haven’t been giving a reason for this struggling cities fans to show up to games. But after this off season the future could be bright for the Pistons.

Joe Dumar’s knew that he had to make some moves and he has! The Pistons were in quite a lost rebuilding phase that wasn’t really getting anywhere but now Joe.D has had enough of it, he made some big moves this off season that believe it or not could make the Pistons a playoff team this season.

The Pistons signed explosive Forward Josh Smith, he is coming off a year where he averaged 17.5 ppg, 8.4 rpg and 4.2 apg, pair him with Andre Drummond and Greg Monroe the Pistons have a young, athletic and lethal front court!

The Pistons also brought back the guy who lead them to the 2004 NBA Championship and won the Finals MVP in Chauncey Billups. Billups is coming off an injury and is quite happy to be back, however he has stated that he believes he should be starting at point guard which could cause a huge problem.

The Pistons also drafted Louisville Guard, Peyton Siva. The Seattle native would have been getting minutes in his rookie year but now it seems like he will have a lot of work to do to get some playing time because of the Pistons back court being so crowded again.

Than finally last week the Pistons acquired Brandon Jennings in a trade for Brandon Knight. Brandon Jennings will be entering his 5th season in the NBA, hungrier than ever. Jennings career averages of 17 ppg, 4 rpg, 2 spg and 6 apg will be huge for the Pistons, they haven’t had a young star like this in a long time. Brandon Jennings has potential to be one of the best point guards in the league and could even be an all-star next season now that he has a nice young roster, has been training harder than ever and a fresh new start in a new city.

Jennings went under the radar and didn’t get much recognition in Milwaukee, but he lead the Bucks to the playoffs 2 out of his 4 seasons. His stats took a dip last year as he was playing with a shoot first shooting guard in Monta Ellis but don’t be surprised if he has career high numbers in his first season in Detroit. Jennings can go off, in just his 7th NBA game he dropped 55 points against the Golden State Warriors.

The last time the Pistons had a guard similar to Jennings was Allen Iverson. Brandon Jennings grew up idolizing Iverson and every Allen Iverson fan out there believes the Pistons organization was the reason for his career ending the way it did. This back court is loaded, way too loaded kind of like the one in Iverson’s season in Detroit.

Pistons Point Guards Going into 2013-14:

Brandon Jennings
Will Bynum
Rodney Stuckey
Chauncey Billups
Peyton Siva

They could have some issues, Brandon Jennings will not accept a reduced role. Chauncey Billups needs to accept a reduced role. The starting guards should be Brandon Jennings and Rodney Stuckey. Billups can play the SG spot and come off the bench.

Speaking of Allen Iverson his former coach Maurice Cheeks will be the man running the show in Detroit.
He was last an assistant in Oklahoma City, he definitely must have SOME flashes of a young Iverson in Jennings.

The Pistons will have a great year if they handle the back court situation right, Maurice Cheeks has a tough job at hand but this Pistons line up is looking like a playoff team on paper:

Brandon Jennings- PG
Rodney Stuckey- SG
Josh Smith – SF
Andre Drummond – PF
Greg Monroe – C

Per the Detroit Free Press:

“They’re going to make my job easier and I’m going to make their job easier,” he said. “We could bring Lob City to Detroit this year.”

Brandon Jennings has the opportunity to become a household name in the NBA, by turning this Detroit Pistons team into a playoff team again he can revive the city of Detroit in someway as well. The now crime filled, bankrupt city would take a huge positive step if they had Playoff basketball in their city again. This Detroit Pistons roster definitely has the potential to reach the post season, but can they come together as a group and make it happened? It will be interesting and it would be a feel good story for the city of Detroit if this team were to come together and make a nice run.

By: Ekam Nagra

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