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The Cleveland Cavaliers Are Built To Win NOW!

It was 3 years ago, still feels like yesterday…LeBron James spoke these words on National TV:

“The Catch”
“The Drive”
“The Shot”
“The Fumble”

And than when LeBron said those words the city of Cleveland’s sports curse lived on and they were now victims to…. “The Decision”

That moment was heartbreaking, the best basketball player in the world, the MVP just dumped the team, his hometown team on national TV.

Fans were irate. They burnt jerseys, trashed LeBron, the teams owner Dan Gilbert even wrote a nasty letter to James. But deep down everyone knew the truth, Cleveland Basketball was DONE. LeBron was gone. No star, no more buzz, no reason left to watch they were headed downhill really fast and they did. The Cavs finished last place in the East in 2010-11 with a record of 19-63.

In the 2011 NBA Draft they selected Duke PG Kyrie Irving with the #1 overall pick and 6-8 Forward out of  Texas, Tristan Thompson. These two guys were great draft picks for the Cavaliers and everyone knew they had great upside and one day could be a force in the East. Irving went onto average 18.5 ppg and 5 apg and earned Rookie Of The Year honors. Irving perhaps the most skilled point guard in the league today proved in his Rookie year that he has major potential and is going to be one of the best players in the league, the Cavaliers had something to look forward to with Irving leading their team but it was still tough recovering from “The Decision” as the Cavs went just 21-45 in the 2011-12 season.

In the 2012 NBA Draft The Cavaliers selected 6-4 Guard from Syracuse Dion Waiters who had a great Rookie season averaging 15 ppg and earning All-Rookie 1st Team honors. Although the Cavaliers finished just 24-58 in 2012-13 you could clearly see the upside, Tristan Thompson was almost averaging a double double and Irving had developed into a top 5 PG in the league averaging 23 ppg and 6 apg and being selected to his first All-Star game. “Uncle Drew” looked like a superstar in just his 2nd season and earned a lot of respect throughout the league, it is clear that he will be an All-Star for years to come and he is the main reason that the future is beginning to look bright for the Cavaliers.


Now 2013 the best summer for the Cavaliers since LeBron left, this team had potential and the fans knew it so Dan Gilbert and Chris Grant made some big moves this off season. In the 2013 NBA Draft the Cavaliers again got the 1st pick and shocked the world by drafting 6-8, 240 lb  UNLV Forward Anthony Bennett. They brought back head coach and defensive specialist Mike Brown, signed guard Jarret Jack who had a great year in Golden State last season as a spark off the bench, they signed  6-10 Forward Earl Clark who had the best season of his career last year playing for the Los Angeles Lakers. Though it is too early to say this and only time will tell but the Cavaliers may have made their best move this off season by signing one of the games best big men Andrew Bynum.


Bynum last played for Mike Brown as a Laker in 2011-12, he had the best year of his career averaging 19 ppg and 12 rpg, he was selected to his first All-Star appearance and many were arguing that he surpassed Dwight Howard as the games best big man. But Bynum had bad knees, VERY bad knees and he missed games his whole career because of injuries to both his knees. The Lakers wanted Dwight Howard and didn’t have much interest in resigning Bynum to a long term contract because of his knees so he was sent to Philadelphia in a sign and trade. Bynum again injured his knee in November of 2012 the caused him to miss the entire season, he made $16 million last season and he didn’t play a single game for the Sixers.

The Sixers doctors did MRI’s on Bynum and it was reported that his knees were degenerative meaning they would never be fixed again and he wouldn’t be effective on the basketball court like he once was. Andrew Bynum went onto have surgery done on both knees and his agent told everyone that his knees are healthy and he will be ready for training camp and will have an All-Star year this , the 76ers had no interest in bringing him back after everything he put them through this past season. So the Cavaliers called. Bynum agreed to a two year deal worth $24.5 million with only the first year($12 million) being guaranteed, the second year is a team option.

The Cavs clearly took a big risk by signing Bynum and they know that. But with a young core of Dion Waiters, Tristan Thompson, Anthony Bennett and one of the games best players Kyrie Irving what do they really have to lose? The future is bright regardless if Bynum plays or not. If Bynum however does come back healthy and playing like an All-Star this team is going to be a PROBLEM.

There is something about a lineup of Kyrie, Waiters, Bennett, Thompson and Bynum that is completely different than a lot of teams in the NBA, these guys are a young, gritty, confident, tough bunch who play with a chip on their shoulders. They all have a competitive aggression that a lot of young teams don’t have these days in the NBA. Kyrie Irving is entering his 3rd season and he is one of the most competitive guys in the league, he wants to WIN and he knows he needs to win soon if he wants to truly be a superstar in this league.

Mike Brown is a defensive specialist and with Bynum, Thompson and Bennet protecting the rim this team is going to be a nightmare for opposing squads. Expect Kyrie to have another All-Star season, Bennett who averaged 16 ppg and 8 rpg at UNLV will be ready to prove to the world why he is the number 1 pick. Triston Thompson has major potential in this league and Jarrett Jack is a veteran who can light it up off the bench.

Its been 3 long years for Cleveland Cavaliers fans since “The Decision” but Dan Gilbert and Chris Grant have worked hard and done a great job in recovering from “The Decision”. After an a superstar and all-time great like LeBron James leaves a team they usually struggle for many many years but these guys have built a team that is definitely worth watching, with a superstar in the making and a roster that has the potential to not only make the Playoffs but actually win a series it will definitely be an exciting year for Cavaliers fans.

Maybe this Cavaliers team will intrigue an old hero back in next summers free agency to have something the sports world would call…… “The Return”?

By: Ekam Nagra

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