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The 20 Best NBA Jerseys of the Last Decade

This offseason it seemed like an NBA team was unveiling a new set of team jerseys every week. It’s actually been like that for the past few years. Unfortunately most of these jerseys have been pretty mediocre and just don’t come close to having the same appeal and swagger the jerseys from the 90’s and early 00’s had.

A lot of today’s jerseys are almost impossible to rock off the court and are lacking in style and originality. One of the main reasons you don’t see people wearing jerseys as much anymore is because they are just not as hot as they once were and not many NBA teams have done anything to change that.

This led us to counting down the 20 best NBA jerseys of the last decade. These are all classics and should either never be changed or need to be brought back in some form.

20. Washington Wizards (1997-2011)

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This jersey made it's debut when Michael Jordan came out of retirement to join the Wizards in the early 00's. There's a reason the franchise held onto it till 2012, it was slick, versatile and just looked really nice.


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