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Terrence Ross Scores 51 Points in Loss To Clippers

Terrence Ross had the game of his life on Saturday against the Los Angeles Clippers. Ross is in his second year in the NBA, when the Raptors drafted him they knew he had promise because of his athleticism and ability to shoot the 3-ball and tonight T.Ross exceeded those expectations he proved that he can be a great player in the NBA. The 6-6 shooting guard scored 51 points tying Vince Carter for the Raptors franchise record on 16-28 shooting, Ross hit 10 3-pointers, the Toronto crowd was electrified! It was a close game most of the way but the Clippers pulled away near the end of the fourth spoiling Ross’s big night. The high-flyer tied Vince Carter’s Raptors

The Raptors have something special going on right now, they are having one of their best season in years and it is because they have the right group of players and coaching staff to do it. They may not have an All-Star but their entire team can ball, the Raptors can play with anyone in the NBA and they are a piece away from making some serious noise in the playoffs.

The Clippers won the game, Jamal Crawford had 37 points and 11 assists.

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