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#TBT – Tim Duncan With 21 Points, 20 Rebounds, 10 Assists and 8 Blocks in 2003 NBA Finals

On June 15, 2003 Tim Duncan had arguably the best game of his illustrious career recording a near quadruple-double with 21 points, 20 rebounds, 10 assists and 8 blocks in an an NBA Finals clinching Game 6 against the New Jersey Nets.

Duncan into an NBA Championship game and put up one of the nastiest stat lines in the history of basketball. The Spurs defeated the Nets 88-77 behind Duncan’s monster performance.

This was the second NBA Championship and Finals MVP of Duncan’s career. He was also the regular season MVP at this point.

If we were asked to pick one game that defines Tim Duncan’s legacy and summarizes his career, this would be the one.

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