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Still Got It: 36 Year Old Vince Carter Throws Down Incredible Dunks In Warm-Up!

In his prime Vince Carter was arguably the most electrifying player of all-time. Carter had incredible leaping ability and is widely known as the greatest dunker of all-time, over the years the media and some fans have been foolishly labeling Vince as a “has-been” and “washed up” because he would no longer display his insane athletic ability each night as his career went on.

Well a few days ago a video surfaced, and it shocked many people. This footage is from the Mavericks vs Wizards warm-up on January 1st, 2014….a 36 year old Vince Carter EFFORTLESSLY throwing down incredible dunks! Carter threw down a sick 360 dunk and his signature windmill. What’s crazy is that he was getting his head above the rim on each dunk and it seemed like he was getting almost as high as he was in his younger days.

The man is 36 years old! This goes to show just how genetically gifted he really is, this is incredible. Vince had quietly told media in Toronto on his way out that his dunking days were over, he than went to New Jersey in 2004 and was re-energized and continued to display his all-time great athleticism but after he was reaching his mid 30’s it seemed like Carter had lost the desire to throw down exciting dunks.

Here it is:

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