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Stephen Curry Signs With Under Armour

Curry Under Armour

Curry Rocking Under Armour Kicks At Golden State Warriors Media Day

Under Armour has done a great job of breaking into the basketball world in these past few years, they currently are endorsed by NBA stars Brandon Jennings who has own shoe line and was the brands first big star, Kemba Walker, Raymond Felton and Greivis Vasquez are the other three NBA players rocking UA. But today it was reported that they have added one of basketballs hottest names this past year and perhaps the best shooter in the league in Stephen Curry!

This is a huge move for Under Armour, Curry is one of the more recognizable players in the NBA and he is a fan favorite. Curry’s jump shot is one of the most popular signature moves in the league and he has big time appeal, Curry will definitely help sell sneakers for Under Armour. He left Nike to sign with the brand and it makes a whole lot of sense from a marketing stand point, Nike couldn’t make Curry a signature shoe and expect him to outsell KD, Kobe and LeBron.

But now you can expect a lot more kids to be rocking Under Armour “Curry’s”, he is one of the most marketable players in the league and as his game grows more and more so does his brand. Stephen Curry has separated himself from the rest of the league by doing something that is considered “different”, this is huge for UA and huge for Curry because now you can expect to see a Stephen Curry sneaker line and as the Golden State Warrior electrifies the Bay Area and grows his fan base more and more around the world he has the opportunity to really take Under Armour to the next level!

Today Curry wore Under Armour’s at Warriors Media Day as pictured above.

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