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Steph Curry Shoots the Warriors Back into Game 3

For over a game and a half Steph Curry played some of the worst basketball of his MVP season. With Matthew Dellavedova draped all over him Curry has struggled with his shooting and hasn’t really got into a rhythm till late in games. After the Cavs Game 2 win, fans and analysts said that Curry would never have a shooting night like that again. They were wrong.

Steph had just 3 points in the first half on 1-6 shooting from the field, he looked like he wanted to go home at one point. However, with the Cavs up nearly 20 points in the fourth, Curry came back to life by hitting his signature 3-pointers, getting in the lane and making plays from all over the floor.

He scored 17 points and the Warriors cut the Cavs lead down to 1 point before Matthew Dellavedova hit a crazy circus shot followed by a big LeBron James 3-pointer.

Curry exploded too late into the game and the Cavs came up with the win, but boy did he scare them.

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