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Steph Curry Plans on Playing In The 2020 Olympics

At the age of 28, Stephen Curry is already a first ballot Hall of Fame player. The guy who will go down as the greatest shooter in NBA history, has pretty much done it all, except win an Olympic Gold Medal. After back-to-back MVP seasons and trips to the Finals, Curry to take the summer off and skip the 2016 Olympics in Rio. Steph recently revealed that it was a tough decision and that he will be ready to play in the 2019 World Cup in China and put himself in position to play in the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo, Japan. Via FIBA:

After dealing with ankle and knee injuries last season, the 28-year-old made the wise decision not to travel to Rio de Janeiro. No one should doubt, though, that he’ll be on the plane to Japan in four years when the Games are staged in Tokyo.

“The way it went down this past year with the injury, it was the right decision,” Curry said to in his hometown of Charlotte, where he recently played for the Golden State Warriors against the Hornets.

“It was a tough one because I put a lot of equity into playing for Team USA and was looking forward to playing for the Olympic team for the first time.

“The decision for me personally was that it was best not to play, and to get ready for the season, to get healthy.

“Going forward, I do plan on playing at the World Cup (in 2019 in China), being healthy and being in a good position to be in Tokyo.”

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