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Spurs Reportedly ‘Near or at the Top’ of LaMarcus Aldridge’s Free Agency List

LaMarcus Aldridge is going to be the talk of free agency this summer, and the defending champion San Antonio Spurs are expected to make a run at him.

Aldridge is considered a top three power forward in the NBA and has often been compared to the legendary Tim Duncan. How great would it be for Aldridge if he were to team up with Duncan for his final year.

The Spurs are reportedly right at the top of Aldridge’s list and as of right now have the highest chance of landing him.


We’re hearing Aldridge connected to both of those teams so frequently that you can only conclude that neither idea scares him.

Yet sources insist — at, yes, this early juncture — that San Antonio sits near or at the top of Aldridge’s list … unless the Cleveland Cavaliers were to lose Kevin Love and then somehow manufacture a way to sign-and-trade for him.

The Knicks and Lakers, of course, also intend to enter the bidding. And there will surely be others.

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