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Shooting Workouts: Only Count the Makes!

One of the biggest problems in a lot of players approach to shooting workouts nowadays is they take too much pride in “putting up” shots rather than actually making them. It’s all about the makes, always has been and always will be.

Why in the world would you count a missed shot?! That doesn’t even make sense.

Anyone can get in a gym and “put up” 500 shots, but the true worker, the true shooters will always count their makes, and they won’t leave the court till they reach their target. It may take 2-3 hours on some days, but they won’t leave till their satisfied.

It’s pretty frustrating to hear coaches tell their players to go out and “put up shots” on the off-days or weekends. Maybe that’s why it’s okay to leave certain players open in games these days (this is a tragedy). These coaches should be telling their players to MAKE shots on the off-days, weekends, before practice and even after practice.

So many players have the work ethic, they love to shoot, but they never realize that their form needs improvement because they only focus on “putting up” a certain amount of shots, they don’t realize their missing every other attempt.

If it’s taking you three and a half hours to make 300 shots, then you know your form needs work. You wouldn’t know this if you were “putting up” those shots with bad form and calling it a day right when you hit 300 attempts.

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By counting the makes (like you always should have been) you build chemistry with your form, you learn so much about your own shot, and you develop a connection with the ball. When shooters and scorers count the makes and only the makes, they develop the ability to know what they did wrong with their form everytime they missed, and that makes them a lot more consistent in games and in future workouts.

When good shooters miss shots in workouts or even in games it usually means their losing focus or are tired as hell and they allowed that to alter their form. Shooters become very dangerous when they know what they are doing wrong everytime they miss a shot, because that also means when their focused and locked in they know their form and touch so well that they have the ability to make every shot they take.

You can shoot all types of shots from all over the floor, whether it’s off the dribble, off the catch, pull-ups…the list goes on and on, be creative and just be sure to always count your makes! You’ll end up putting in a lot more work this way and in turn become a knock down shooter.

The ability to become “automatic” comes from having MADE the shot thousands and thousands of times in an empty gym all by yourself (or with a trainer or rebounder). The greatest shooters in the world made shots till their arms fell off, every single day.

This past summer Steph Curry told us how many shots he used to make in high school, college and now in the NBA. You don’t see it in the video, but Curry was quick to remind me that “we only count makes”, and fellow NBA sharpshooter Kyle Korver echoed the same statement a few moments later. The point is, the best shooters take pride in counting how many they shots they made in their workouts.

Is counting only the makes going to take longer? Probably, but just the thought of that should get you even more excited. This isn’t a job. There are two options, either you love doing it and are willing to do it for hours and hours at a time, or you make excuses, skip reps and live with the mediocre results.

Remember, it’s not always about the quantity of the work you put in, it’s about the quality.

When it comes to shooting, only count the makes.

Ekam Nagra

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