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Seattle Pro Am Beats The Drew League! | Jamal Crawford, Bobby Brown, Zach LaVine, Isaiah Thomas and Stanley Johnson ELECTRIFY the 206!

In a battle of the two best leagues in the United States, the Seattle Pro Am led by Jamal Crawford, Isaiah Thomas, Nate Robinson, Zach LaVine, Spencer Hawes and Tre Simmons defeated the Drew League 135-124 in ELECTRIFYING fashion.

Bobby Brown, Stanley Johnson, Dorrell Wright, Trevor Ariza and Baron Davis (head coach/player) headlined for the Drew League in the biggest game of the summer.

Seattle Pacific University was packed to the roof and the crowd was on FIRE all game. This one had it all! From nasty dunks to filthy jumpers, blocks, and handles, the Drew and Seattle Pro Am truly put on a show that the fans inside that gym will never forget.

In one of the craziest atmospheres we’ve ever been apart of, it was the hometown hero Jamal Crawford who stole the show hitting some NASTY 3-pointers in the face of 19-year old, trash talking Stanley Johnson and razzling/dazzling through the Drew League defense, sending the home crowd into a frenzy. Mal, along with I.T. and high-flyer Zach LaVine put on one hell of a show for the hometown fans. You could tell that Seattle really wanted to win this game from the get-go.

A few weeks ago Raptors guard and L.A. native told us that The Drew League could not be defeated by any team in the United States and though he wasn’t playing in this game, the Seattle Pro Am actually looked like the clear-cut best Pro Am team in the country. They were just straight up dominant in this one, controlling the entire game and making winning plays while keeping the crowd on the edge of their seats.

The Drew put up a good fight but the Seattle firepower, combined with the crowds energy seemed to shake them up. One of the best scenes of the night was when head coach Baron Davis checked himself into the game. He got a standing ovation.

There were just so many highlights and moments in this matchup. This game was four years in the making and it definitely lived up to the hype. It was so great to see the city of Seattle enjoying high level basketball. This game was a reminder as to why Jamal Crawford and the Seattle Pro Am mean so much to this city. Crawford, commissioner Rashaad Powell and company have truly managed to elevate the interest of the game in their city following the tragic robbery of their NBA team. That’s impressive.

Check out all the best highlights from this historic matchup above.

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