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Seattle Could Have an NBA Team By 2020 

One of the biggest heartbreaks in league history was when the city of Seattle lost its Sonics back in 2008. In what was and still is one of the hottest basketball markets in the US, Seattle was a place players loved to play and visit. One of the main reasons the Sonics were able to move so easily was because the Key Arena just wasn’t on par with the other arenas in the league.

However, after nearly a decade of uncertainty, today the city of Seattle announced a $600 million + renovation of Key Arena with aims to bring an NHL and NBA team back by 2020. The arena would go through some major transformations with that $600 million and an additional $100 million could be spent on building quality transportation routes to the arena. With the NHL having their sights set on Seattle, the NBA is accepted to follow. The league has reportedly been looking to do a one or two team expansion and Seattle was already one of the lead candidates.

The new arena is expected to be completed by 2020, which means the league could secure a Sonics return by 2019 or early 2020. Check out the announcement below.

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