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Russell Westbrook Out Till Late February

It has been a tough year with injuries in the NBA, many teams have lost star players and it is hurting them. Add Russell Westbrook to that list.

Westbrook underwent arthroscopic knee surgery and it was revealed today by the Thunder that he will be out till after All-Star break in February.

Report via OKC Thunder

“Russell has been playing pain free, but recently had experienced increased swelling. After consultation and consideration by his surgeon in Los Angeles, a plan was established to monitor the swelling that included a series of scheduled MRIs,” said Presti. “On the most recent MRI it was determined by the surgeon that there was an area of concern that had not previously existed, nor was detectable in the previous procedures, and it was necessary to evaluate Russell further. The consulting physician determined that arthroscopic surgery was necessary to address the swelling that was taking place. We know that Russell’s work ethic and commitment will help him return to the level of play that we have all come to appreciate.” Westbrook is expected to return post All-Star break.

The Oklahoma City Thunder were the second seed in the West, but now that Westbrook is out the Thunder may see a slippage. Kevin Durant will have to carry the load for the time being and if the Thunder want any chance of winning a championship, last postseason proved that they will need Russell Westbrook.

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