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Rudy Gobert Says He Is The Best Center in the NBA

Fresh off a massive contract extension, Jazz center Rody Gobert is having a career year averaging 12.3 points, 11. 6 rebounds and 2.7 blocks per game. The Jazz are holding opponents to an NBA-low 94.6 points per game. Gobert feels that because of all this that he is the best center in the league right now. Via ESPN:

“To be honest, right now, I think it’s me,” Gobert told ESPN, before following up in a fashion his coach would approve of. “But it’s a long season. I just try to take every game as a challenge. The hardest thing is to do it [for] the full season.”

“It’s always the biggest challenge when you play one of the best guys at your position,” Gobert said. “Every time I play one of those guys, I try to stop them, and at the same time try to stop their team. I feel like if you win the game, I win the challenge.”

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