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REPORT: Warriors Heavy Favorites to Land Kevin Durant if He Leaves Thunder

In the most anticipated free agency since LeBron James’ “Decision” in 2010, Kevin Durant will have the ability to change the complexion of the NBA when he becomes a free agent on July 1.

Last year it was reported that the Warriors would “go hard” after Durant when he did become a free agent and now with the forward potentially playing his final five months in Oklahoma City, that rumour is coming back up again and it makes a lot of sense.

Adrian Wojnarowski of The Vertical is reporting that the 4-time scoring champion wants to win, now, and realizes the Warriors are the best fit.

The Golden State Warriors’ plan of pursuit predates their 2015 championship run, a bold plot to declare the futility of resistance. It isn’t only that the NBA champions are determined to recruit Oklahoma City’s Kevin Durant. The truth is that they’re the most intriguing destination to him. If Durant leaves the Thunder, the Warriors are the significant frontrunners to sign him, league sources told The Vertical.

Durant is determined to win – to be an immediate championship contender at 27 years old – and that keeps bringing him back to the Warriors should he make the decision to leave Oklahoma City.

Here’s something else, too: Durant is forever searching for spiritual people in his life. It is a common thread of those who’ve found ways into Durant’s circle. It makes Steph Curry the most dangerous recruiter in the world on several levels: His prodigious talent, peaceful soul and grounded life.

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