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REPORT: Suns Passed On Kawhi Leonard In The Draft Because Of His Nervous Interview

When it comes to superstars, Kawhi Leonard is one of the most unique personalities the NBA has ever seen.

It literally feels like he hasn’t cracked a smile throughout his NBA career. Now, as his star grows, so does his mystique.

A new report has come out detailing Leonard’s awkward personality. Back in 2011 when the Klaw was going through the draft process and going through interviews, he had a strange slip up with the Suns which led to them passing on him in the draft. Via Arizona Republic:

But with a front office conducting its first draft in Phoenix, then-General Manager Lance Blanks’ staff did not have Leonard in the discussion. Part of the Suns’ knock on Leonard, beyond his perimeter shot, was how nervously he acted in a draft combine interview, when he sweated through his suit.
The Suns chose among Markieff and Marcus Morris and Iman Shumpert. There was more pre-draft talk about reconsidering Jimmer Fredette than Leonard.

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