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REPORT: Kobe Bryant to Join Knicks in 2016?

If you saw today’s report which suggests Carmelo Anthony is heavily recruiting Kevin Durant to the Knicks you certainly know about the crazy Kobe to New York rumour as well.

According to Stephen A. Smith, if the Lakers don’t offer Kobe a contract after this season then the Mamba may join Melo and possibly even Kevin Durant in New York next season.

Bryant has been on record several times in the past few years saying that he bleeds yellow and purple and wouldn’t leave L.A. this late in his career. However, the Knicks are now run by Bryant’s former coach Phil Jackson and the head coach is one of Kobe’s all-time favourite teammates, Derek Fisher.

If Bryant were going anywhere it would probably be only to New York and only if they were a bona-fide contender to win it all, meaning that Durant would most definitely have to be a member of the team if Bryant were to even consider joining the Knicks.

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