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REPORT: Knicks ‘Getting Closer’ to Trade Talks Involving Carmelo Anthony

In a Grantland report discussing possible destinations for Markieff Morris, Zach Lowe mentions that the Knicks are apparently getting closer to trade talks involving Carmelo Anthony. Via Grantland:

Indiana probably doesn’t want another “problem” personality, and the Pacers don’t have much beyond a lowball offer without attaching a first-rounder. Morris would open up the floor a bit in Washington. He’d eat into the Wizards’ Kevin Durant cap room, but they could move him in a pinch after the season. The Kings and Knicks should take a look, even though neither has movable assets that would interest Phoenix — unless the Knicks are ready to engage in Carmelo Anthony trade talks. (They’re not there, yet. But they’re getting closer.)

This was pretty random and it looks like Melo may have reacted to it via Instagram trolling the report and the people that believe it.

I should throw the ball at you clowns!!!! I hear the whispers!!!! 😂😂😂 #StayMe7o

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