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REPORT: Jimmy Butler Recruiting Kyle Lowry to Minnesota 

Now that Jimmy Butler is a member of the T-Wolves, he has begun recruiting Raptors guard and free agent Kyle Lowry to join him. The Timberwolves will be lethal at every position come next season, but it looks like Butler would like to upgrade at the PG spot. This team has the pieces to make some serious noise in the West and one day even be a contender, so adding an All-Star in Lowry to that mix would make that much more of an impact. Check out the report via Sirius XM’s Mithc Lawrence:

“I had found out through sources, that by getting Jimmy Butler, the Timberwovles are now saying, You know what, we can do better than Ricky Rubio at point guard because Jimmy Butler is going to help us land attractive free agents.” […]

“[Butler] has talked to Kyle Lowry through their Team USA association about coming to Chicago.

“Now I heard he’s working on him about coming to Minnesota.”

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