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Report: Jason Kidd Losing Nets Locker Room

The new look Brooklyn Nets have got off to a horrible start, they came into the season with high expectations, they expected to win 55 games this season but it looks like that probably won’t be happening. The Nets are sitting at 11th place in the East with a record of 10-19.

There are devastating reports surfacing that former franchise player and rookie head coach Jason Kidd could be fired soon. Word is that Kidd has lost the locker room and the team is giving up on him. The Jason Kidd era in Brooklyn is a disaster right now, read the report below.

As per Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo Sports:


The Nets had tried to be supportive of Kidd, but patience is running low on the belief he can deliver the structure and organization desperately needed. As the Nets have devolved into chaos, Kidd has increasingly isolated himself within the locker room and organization, sources told Yahoo Sports. From management to players, Kidd has shown an inability to manage crisis and keep the respect of his players.

Rifts exist between old players and new, trust eroded with every humiliating loss in this 9-19 season.

And yet, somehow, Kidd believes he can keep publicly eviscerating his players’ character and desire and spare himself blame and responsibility. For those around the Nets with a sense of history and irony, they remember Kidd running ex-coach Byron Scott out of his job for offenses born of this failed playbook.

Here’s the question management is grappling with: Does Brooklyn start unloading its star players and stay the course with the coach, or unload the coach and let someone else manage these star players?

More than once, sources said, players have stood in the locker room and told Kidd they don’t understand their roles, that there’s confusion about their principles. When the Nets players keep insisting they don’t have a team identity, they’re offering code words for Kidd’s inability to give them clear structure, organization and vision.

Now, the Nets are living with the consequences. Within the locker room, there was a sense Kidd quit on them in the Christmas Day loss to the Chicago Bulls, sources told Yahoo Sports. Within nine points in the third quarter, Kidd pulled his starters and sent four substitutes into the game. When this happens, how long until people wonder whether Kidd is trying to get himself fired?


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