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REPORT: DeMarcus Cousins Cursed Out George Karl After Loss

We’re not even fifteen games into the season and things are already getting messy in Sacramento. Reports are surfacing that head coach George Karl and franchise player DeMarcus Cousins had a heated altercation in which Boogie cursed at Karl following the Kings loss to the Spurs on Monday night. Via The Big Lead:

After Sacramento was hammered at home by San Antonio Monday night, the Kings’ star, DeMarcus Cousins, stormed into the locker room and cursed out head coach George Karl with a torrent of obscenities, a person close to the situation told The Big Lead.

After Cousins unleashed the F-bombs on Karl, all the head coach – who publicly feuded with the Kings best player last summer – could do was walk away, a source tells The Big Lead. Afterward, Cousins felt some remorse for his actions, asking a couple of teammates if he came down too hard on the coach. They calmly told him, “you can’t scream and curse like that at your coach in front of everyone.”

The team is off to a rough 1-7 start and Karl is on the hot seat with reports stating that his firing could come this week. A team meeting was held on Tuesday and team management basically asked the players if Karl should be fired.

Last season the basketball world was shocked when Mike Malone was fired in December and Kings owner Vivek Ranadive took a lot of heat for it. This is not a good look for the franchise. Via USA Today:

The Sacramento Kings coach who came to town nine months ago, who was given a $15 million contract ($11.5 million guaranteed) that doesn’t expire until the summer of 2018, and whose sterling record of success has been tainted by way of the 12-26 record ever since, isn’t seen internally as their coach for the long-haul anymore. Barring a shocking turnaround – and by that, we’re talking a 40-plus win season that seems unlikely – that much has become increasingly clear.

If the Kings’ 1-7 record that prompted a team meeting on Tuesday gets even worse, his dismissal could come this week. Wednesday, the Kings – as irony would have it – face the same Detroit Pistons team that beat them last Dec. 13 and inspired the firing of coach Michael Malone. Or, should the early-season bleeding subside enough to calm the waters, Karl’s firing could come in the summer.

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  1. Steve

    November 12, 2015 at 11:26 am

    “Management basically asked the players if [coach] should be fired…” This is a root of a problem in Sacramento (and many other NBA teams). Self-proclaimed “kings,” “answers,” “superman’s” and others are hiring/firing coaches. PLAYERS SHOULD NEVER BE ALLOWED TO HIRE/FIRE A COACH. This is a typical situation for the money-focused, money-driven circus called NBA. It has nothing to do with basketball, just money. If the NBA was concerned about ball, they would not allowed James to call himself a king, they would not replay Iverson’s “practice interview” over and over on tv, and moron like DeMarcus Cousins would be suspended for a long time…but then again, people buy stories like this and lots of people get their paycheques because of these self-proclaimed “superstars.” RIP real NBA basketball – the true basketball fans still miss you MJ, Magic, Bird, Wilt, Bill, Hakeem, and others who actually knew how to play the game

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