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REPORT: D’Angelo Russell Getting Major Heat for Snitching on Nick Young

Lakers rookie D’Angelo Russell is receiving some serious heat from his teammates after breaking what is pretty much a league-wide unwritten rule.

A video emerged over the long weekend of Russell sneakily recording teammate Nick Young talking about seeing another woman. In that same clip, Russell interrogatingly asks Young if he “tried” with Amber Rose, almost as if he is inentionally setting him up on camera.

Russell was already considered untrustworthy by his Laker teammates and now he’s totally been isolated by the squad.

The Lakers are set to finish what is their worst season in eight games, and for Russell the end couldn’t come any sooner. Via ESPN:

Sources told that some teammates’ trust in Russell is eroding after a video surfaced in the past week that shows Russell recording a private conversation between himself and teammate Nick Young. Young does not appear to realize he is being taped.

The video, which is believed to have come to light last week via the Twitter account of a celebrity gossip site, shows Russell filming Young while asking questions about Young being with other women. Young and Australian rapper Iggy Azalea announced their engagement last June.

While it’s unclear how the video became public, sources say the resulting tension in the Lakers’ locker room in recent days was among the factors that contributed to L.A.’s limp showing in Salt Lake City on Monday night, when they absorbed a 48-point pounding from the Utah Jazz. The loss was the Lakers’ worst in franchise history.

At a recent breakfast meeting, one source said, no Laker would sit with Russell at his table. The source added that, in another instance, Russell came into the locker room and sat next to guard Lou Williams, who got up and walked away.

“It’s bad,” one team source told’s Ramona Shelburne. “It’s about as bad as it can get. There were trust issues already. Now there’s no trust.”

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