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REPORT: Cavs Discussed Three-Team Trade That Would’ve Sent Kyrie Irving to Utah

A report surfaced last night via Mitch Lawrence of SiriusXMNBA Radio that had the Cavs discussing a three-team deal that would’ve sent Kyrie Irving to the Jazz and George Hill and Paul George to the Cavs. This report also suggests that the Cavs have made Irving movable, probably because they think he may leave next year if LeBron does.

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  1. Eddie

    June 30, 2017 at 2:16 pm

    This was debunked like right after that idiot reported it. That would be illegal for them to do that since the only way the cavs could acquire him is by sign and trade. They are already way over the salary cap, and they would have to make so many other moves to cut salary that this doesn’t even make sense. Also kyrie Irving is under contract for 3 more years so how could he leave next year? Force a trade? All of this is total B.S

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