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REPORT: Carmelo Anthony Told Phil Jackson He Wants to Remain a Knick

If you’ve been keeping up with the Knicks this season, it’s been easy to tell that Carmelo Anthony isn’t the most interested player on the team. With his team under achieving and at-risk of missing out on the playoffs again, Melo’s window to compete and contend for championships is closing day-by-day.

Reports recently came out that said Melo was interested in being dealt to the Clippers and/or Cavs. On Tuesday the former scoring champion met with Phil Jackson to discuss where his head is at and whether or not he wants to leave the Knicks. As down as he looks, Melo hasn’5 given up on NY and reportedly told Jackson that he wants to remain and win in New York. Via Daily News:

A person close to Anthony confirmed that Anthony and Jackson had met on Tuesday, two days after Anthony lashed out at Jackson after a critical column written by a confidant of Jackson’s implied that Anthony’s days in New York should be coming to an end.

“Nothing has changed,” the source told the Daily News. “He wants to stay in New York and win in New York.”

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