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REPORT: Carmelo Anthony Recruiting Kevin Durant to Knicks

When Carmelo Anthony signed with the Knicks last summer he knew he wouldn’t go into a winning situation right away, but Phil Jackson did sell him on winning years down the road. The Knicks pretty much shut Melo down last season when they realized that they were as bad as they thought they’d be in year one of Melo’s new contract, but they made some moves this offseason that Melo told us he was satisfied with.

However, Anthony knows his window is closing to win an NBA title and the Knicks offseason moves don’t nearly make them contenders.

The former scoring champion has seemed to have accepted the fact that the Knicks won’t contend for an NBA Championship in 2015-16 but he has reportedly begun heavily recruiting Kevin Durant to join him in New York.

As seen above the source of this report, Stephen A. Smith, is also suggesting that Kobe Bryant may decide to join the Knicks for one season if he were not wanted by the Lakers when his contract expires next summer.

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