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REPORT: Carmelo Anthony Got Into a Shouting Match With Jeff Hornacek, Likely Done With Knicks

Carmelo Anthony has more than likely played his final game as a New York Knick. A new report by ESPN came out today detailing a shouting match that took place between Melo and Jeff Hornacek/Kurt Rambis during halftime at Barclays Center of the Knicks March 12 loss to the Nets.

Anthony, who often posts on social media about staying Melo and evading the ego, was out of character in this moment. With months of frustration building up, Anthony let out expletives in response to Hornacek’s rage.

In Brooklyn, the 11-win Nets sank 14 3-pointers in the first half against the Knicks, effectively ending New York’s playoff hopes in 24 painful minutes. And head coach Jeff Hornacek wasn’t happy.

Hornacek lit into the Knicks in the visitors locker room of the Barclays Center, and according to people familiar with the matter, Hornacek’s diatribe was expletive-filled and delivered at a high decibel level.

It’s not uncommon for a coach to go off on his players after a pathetic showing. But what happened next was a bit surprising.

Carmelo Anthony, whose default demeanor is relaxed and easygoing, responded with anger and expletives of his own. For those accustomed to seeing Anthony live by his oft-used idiom, “Stay Melo,” it was jarring.

The former scoring champion is also reportedly leaning towards waiving his no-trade clause, which means he could be traded early in the offseason.

Anthony’s R-rated rant essentially questioned the direction of the entire organization, according to sources. Associate head coach Kurt Rambis fired back, calling out Anthony’s effort on defense.

Anthony responded again, but before things could devolve further, one Knick suggested that the players head back to the court and start warming up.

So they did.

Those with knowledge of the dynamic between Anthony and the Knicks believe that, while no final decision has been made, Anthony is leaning strongly toward waiving the no-trade clause at this point. Anthony said on Wednesday night that he’d “love” to be back, but wants assurances that the Knicks are committed to winning.

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  1. Joe

    April 13, 2017 at 8:49 pm

    Phol Jackson needcome 2 earth play real ball stop live in past triangle doe not work let player play u c more win let him go u will player want come over once phil is fired we well be in playoff he need 2 go now forget 2yr I’m big knicks fan can phil 2 the curve

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