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Reggie Jackson Demands Trade From Thunder

When the Thunder and Cavs completed a three-team deal with the Knicks that sent Dion Waiters to the Thunder in exchange for JR Smith and Iman Shumpert, original reports had Thunder point guard Reggie Jackson going to the Knicks. Unfortunately for Jackson that wasn’t the case.

The 24-year old point guard apparently see’s himself as a starter in the league. Of course Jackson won’t get to play the role he wants with Russell Westbrook running the show in OKC.

Jackson has reportedly told the Thunder to trade him before tomorrow’s deadline. Via Yahoo Sports:

CAA’s Aaron Mintz made the request in the past seven to 10 days, and several teams around the league became aware as officials probed for information on potentially dealing for Jackson, league sources said.
Jackson, 24, has made it clear to the Thunder that he would be resistant to returning to the franchise should it keep him for the rest of the season and then decide to match an offer sheet in restricted free agency this summer.

Presti has made no commitment to moving Jackson, but has been willing to gauge the market and listen to pitches on potential deals as always, sources said.

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