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Reebok Question Mid ‘Dress Code’

    Back in 2005, the NBA infamously implemented a dress code for all the players in the league. At the time, the dress code was a fancy word for the “Allen Iverson rule”. In a move that was inspired by the most influential player in league history, the NBA banned baggy sweats, tee’s, jewellery, du-rags, throwback jerseys and pretty much anything Allen Iverson ever wore.


    This controversial rule was met with a majority of outrage from the rest of the NBA, who had adopted the style that Iverson brought from the streets to league around the late 90’s. Some players felt the league was targeting the young black males and hip-hop culture by banning their attire and didn’t like the idea of having to be told what to wear to games. As expected, Iverson was very vocal in his reaction.

    “The dress code is not who I am and doesn’t allow me to express myself”

    “They’re targeting my generation — the hip-hop generation”

    “You can put a murderer in a suit and he’s still a murderer.”

    To celebrate Iverson’s impact on sports culture, Reebok is dropping a brand new colorway of the iconic Question mid. The “Dress Code” features colors and materials from some of Iverson’s signature outfits from the pre dress code era. Blue denim, tan nubuck and the brown leather represent the Timberland boots and baggy jeans. The white mesh interiors probably pay homage to the classic white tee’s A.I. and players in the league rocked on the sidelines at one point and the heel features “banned” emblems on each heel.

    For $140, you can purchase the Dress Code Question in-store at Finish Line, Champs Sports and Footaction or on Check out the photos below via RBK:






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