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Kicks Of The Day: Reebok Question “#1 Pick”

It was June 26th the 1996 NBA Draft arguably the greatest draft of all time. Featuring starts like Kobe Bryant, Steve Nash, Stephon Marbury, Ray Allen, Shareef-Abdur-Rahim, Jermaine O’Neal and Antoine Walker. Than there was the #1 man, the top dog, the first overall pick: Allen Iverson.

One of the greatest to ever do it. The realist to ever do it. Allen Iverson was the #1 Pick and he was ready to take the league over! That he did.Before he was “The Answer” he was a Question, people talked about his size, his image and if he could ever last in the NBA. Iverson proved everyone wrong, he came in to the NBA like a hurricane.

ai 1

He was defiant and he had a different style to him that some loved and some hated. The future Hall of Famer went onto average about 24 ppg and 8 apg and took home Rookie Of The Year honors. Iverson was no longer a question, he proved that he was worth of the #1 pick.

Now 17 years later Reebok is celebrating Iverson’s rookie season and his #1 NBA Draft Selection with the latest Reebok Question Sneaker: “#1 pick” set to drop on August 23, 2013.

Allen Iverson Game Portrait

That season the 76ers rocked an alternate jersey in Royal Blue/Red just like the colorway of these shoes. The #3 on the back of the Questions is switched to a #1 representing Iverson’s rise to the top of his class.

These are definitely one of the hotter Questions released since last year! Check them out below:

Reebok Question “#1 Pick”

Release Date: August 23, 2013
Price: $125




Pics via Sneakerfiles 

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