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Rapper Lil B Says He Will Curse James Harden

If you haven’t been living under a rock, you know that James Harden has been doing the cooking dance after hitting a big shot all season. According to rapper Lil B, that dance is his and he isn’t happy with Harden performing it after hitting shots.

The Based God says that if Harden continues to do the dance without giving him credit he will curse him.

The Rockets are down 2-0 to the Warriors, and another loss would make it very difficult to comeback against this Warriors team.

Via TMZ:

“If Harden doesn’t tell what he is doing, which is the Lil B cooking dance, he will be cursed. He needs to stop stealing Lil B swag without showing love.”

Lil B is a reasonable man — he’s giving Harden until Game 3 to give him credit, but after that he says the curse goes into effect.

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