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Ranking: Our Top 5 SG’s Going Into 2017-18

5. Klay Thompson
The dude put up 60 points with just 11 dribbles in 29 minutes. It’s tough putting Klay at number five here. But, the question remains, if it wasn’t for the Warriors and Steve Kerr’s system would he even be in this convo? Nevertheless, Thompson is an elite defender and already arguably the second best shooter in NBA history.

4. CJ McCollum

CJ is so fundamentally sound and nasty at the same damn time. This guy managed to put up 23 points a night while being a second option in his own backcourt. McCollum can carry a team on his back and he’s showed that multiple times over the past few years. On a lot of teams, CJ could even be the go-to guy. Watch out for him this year.

3. DeMar DeRozan

Remember the tear DeMar was on during the first portion of the 2016-17 season? He looked like an MVP candidate, till Russ made everyones numbers irrelevant. DeMar has arguably the best footwork and mid-range game in the league, which says a lot. If he can dominate in the postseason like he does in the regular season, expect him to bump up a spot next year.

2. Jimmy Butler

Jimmy Butler put up 23.9 points, 6.2 rebounds and 5.5 assists per game in what was a strange year for the Bulls. Arguably the best two way guard in the world, Butler is one of the most valuable and versatile players of the new era NBA. He can create shots with the best of them, but go on the other end and get stops like only Kawhi can. The amount of energy he exerts in a game is unmatched by anyone at his position. It’ll be interesting to see how far Butler can take Minnesota in the mighty mighty West.

1. James Harden

A no brainer here. Nobody has their position more on like than The Beard. An argument can be made that James Harden is the best MVP runner up ever. In 2015 he came so close and this past season he came even closer. That award solidifies a players status among the top three players in the world. Last season, Harden was what Steve Nash was with with Mike D’Antoni on steroids. The Beard put up 29, 8 and 11 to will the Rockets to third in the West last season. Built like a bull and left handed, this is one of the hardest covers the league has ever seen.

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