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PHOTOS: Nike Unveils ‘City’ Jerseys

Say what you want about the “ripping” of the new Nike uniforms, but you can’t deny that majority of their new threads are beautiful. The Swoosh gave the league a new flavor this season by re-designing the entire look of many teams in the league. It takes one glance at an NBA game to tell that we are in a fresh new generation of basketball, and the new Nike uniforms are a big reason for that. Keep in mind that these uniforms are all designed with performance in mind before anything else. The thinner material is clearly a sacrifice that was made when creating a light, smooth-fitting jersey that players could perform at a higher level in on the court. On Wednesday Nike officially unveiled its forth set of uniforms with its “City Edition” series. The reveal had everyone talking as it had a ton of never before seen or imagined heat, but also because it represented the history and told a story about the city. Check out all the new threads below, including the Miami Vice one, which will be revealed at a later date.

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