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Photo: Kobe Bryant Changes Twitter Avatar: 1225

This off season Sports Illustrated predicted that the Los Angeles Lakers would finish 12th in the Western Conference. This was considered a slap in the face to the entire Lakers organization and Kobe Bryant.

This past week ESPN ranked Kobe Bryant 25th on their annual player rankings, this didn’t set to well with Kobe fans and Laker fans. There is no way there are 24 players in the NBA better than Kobe Bryant.

Though Kobe didn’t comment on his ranking from ESPN, Bryant did change his Twitter Avatar today. Kobe doesn’t tweet to often but today by simply changing his Twitter Avatar he sent a message to the entire league and the doubters.

Kobe knows what you are saying about him and his Lakers, don’t count this man out.

1225Kobe has changed his Twitter Avatar to the numbers 1225, the 12 represents the Lakers prediction to finish 12th in the West and the 25 represents Bryant’s ranking on ESPN’s #NBArank.

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