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UPDATE: Derrick Rose To Miss 4-6 Months?

Update: After an MRI revealed that Derrick Rose has a meniscus tear, there are reports that he could miss up to 6 months with this injury. It would be a huge setback for Derrick Rose and it would really put the Bulls in a tough spot. We wish Derrick Rose a healthy recovery and hope that he can get back to the top.



Pray for Derrick Rose. He hurt his right knee in Friday nights game against the Portland Trailblazers and the Bulls announced that he would not be returning, Derrick Rose was carried to the locker room(pictured below), he could not put weight on his right leg.

He has been struggling to get back into top form since his left knee injury that took him out of the game for a year and a half so this is a sad sight.

We hope D.Rose is okay.



Derrick Rose left the arena on crutches, he will have an MRI tomorrow…the Bulls fear that he may have tore his right ACL.

D.Rose Crutches

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